Leaflet printing and distribution as a marketing strategy

There are various ways of advertising businesses, one of the easiest of which is leaflet printing. However, flyer distribution suits certain kinds of businesses. If your business has a broad appeal and its custom is local in nature, then this could be a highly effective way to drum up some more trade. If your company deals with a smaller section of the population, or custom comes from a wider area, then it might not be worth it.

Dynamics of leaflet printing and distribution The purpose of any successful marketing campaign is to gain as many new customers as possible at the minimum cost to you. Some advertising will almost always be necessary, but advertising is expensive. You therefore need to ensure that every pound you spend has the greatest possible chance of attracting a new customer. Limiting waste is key to a good campaign.

Leaflet printing is cheap – far cheaper than taking out an advert in the local paper or on a local radio station, or even a direct mail campaign. You design one flyer, print it many times (perhaps thousands or tens of thousands) and then pay to have them distributed to houses in a given area. Leaflets cannot be customized, as in a personalized mail campaign, so must be composed with a broad audience in mind.

Leaflet printing suits broad appeal but local area These properties should guide your assessment of whether leaflet printing is a viable strategy for your business. You will be distributing a general message and service to a specific area. Does this fit with what your company does?

If you own a restaurant or offer local building or gardening services, the answer may be yes. These operate within a limited area, but have a wide appeal across the population – perfect content for a leaflet. Printing off a batch and sending them around the neighborhood is a good way of raising local awareness of what you do.

On the other hand, perhaps custom for your business comes from further afield. Perhaps you are a specialist garage, with customers from all around the county. If this is the case, a leaflet printing campaign would probably be a waste of money, because you would have to flyer an enormous area to reach more potential clients. It might be that only one in every hundred or thousand households owns the kind of car that you specialize in maintaining.

If that’s the case, then a leaflet printing campaign is not for you. Since your service and clientele are so niche, you need something more tailored. Some careful research could turn up more targeted opportunities to reach your chosen demographic, and any money you spend on advertising will be more likely to make a difference to your turnover.

Conclusion Leaflet printing is an excellent way to inform a wide range of people about your business. However, it is only suited to use in specific areas. It is therefore a strong marketing strategy to use if you own a local business that has broad overall appeal, and your customers predominantly live close by. Leaflets can be printed cheaply and then distributed reliably by the USPS by zip-code, allowing you to cover certain areas very easily.

If your customer base is more dispersed or your service more specialist, a campaign of leaflet printing and distribution probably won’t be cost effective. You will be better off locating relevant publications or websites, or finding a medium that has greater reach (such as newspapers or radio), because the number of houses you would need to deliver flyers to would make the process uneconomical.

By: Nick Green

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