Business Card Printing Practices to Avoid

Author: Michelle M. Abreu

The marketing power of business cards cannot be underestimated. If you think that they are simply a rectangular piece of paper, then you haven’t experienced yet the success they bring to a business. Every successful and rich entrepreneur today has all started with business cards. And even today that they already have established businesses they still keep a business card with them.

Printing your business cards though is not as easy as simply printing your name and business name in a little piece of paper. There are important elements that go into a successful business card. Keep in mind that just one oddly placed detail in your card and it could already mean trash bin for your cards. As much as possible, you need to present your contact info in the simplest and most effective manner.

Similarly, there are certain practices that you need to avoid when creating your business cards. These practices are the negative forces that lead to the failure of your cards. Here are some of them.

• Commercial approach to business cards – this practice refers to the manner you deal with your cards. You act like salesman in creating your business cards causing your cards to reflect that attitude. This might create and print several images or graphics in your business card channels the inner salesman in your. This can also lead you to place a lot of marketing messages and images on your cards. Keep in mind that there are clients and customers who might be annoyed with this kind of business card. This will affect your image and bring down the status of your business. Instead of being seen as a respectable business figure, people will see you as a cheap business owner. Therefore, minimize the marketing tone in your business cards. Remember you are sharing contact info here not selling products or services. Leave the selling part to your brochures.

• The lazy printing approach
– this is a very common practice where business owners simply get lazy in printing their business cards. This usually happens when you are busy with lots of business aspects that you simply settle for anything that you think of to put in your card. You just choose the first template that you come across with and disregard all the other business card templates in your file. Remember that whatever the design of your card reflect your personality and image. You would not want people to see you as lazy and unreliable, right? Therefore, get the lazy attitude out of your system now.

• Over creativity practice – being too creative when it comes to the design and layout of your business cards is another attitude that you must avoid. Although originality is the key to an effective and successful business card, there is a limit to that. You need to understand the distinction between a good and professional business card and a showy and childish business card. Most people these days know what they want, and being too creative in the design of your cards might annoy them. Likewise, too much creativity can also make your card look cluttered and confusing. So just stick with the simple designs and leave your creativity to other areas of your life. But don’t get me wrong. Creativity is good, but only to a certain extent.

• Cheap practices– this is one of the worst kind of practice that you must avoid when it comes to printing your business cards. This is very common to business owners who are very thrifty. In their attempt to save money, they do not give their cards the right quality of materials. This is not a very ideal thing to do since it will only make your card look cheap and unprofessional.

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